When we first think of Hawai‘i, many of us fantasize about its white sandy beaches, coconut trees and of course, the idea of being welcomed with a beautiful flower lei. In Hawai‘i, a lei is symbolic of love, friendship and celebration – in other words, it’s a true symbol of aloha. Beautiful colors, fragrant scents and delicate petals, in many ways, the tropical flowers of Hawai‘i encompass the beauty and elegance of the Hawaiian culture. Oh, and did you know many of our favorite flowers actually carry their own symbolism and meaning? That’s right! Hawai‘i’s most beloved flowers have connotations that make them even more significant.

To start off, the beautiful hibiscus. The hibiscus is known for being Hawai‘i’s state flower. If you’ve ever visited, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen hibiscus while roaming around. They come in many different colors, from red to yellow to pink and even purple. The hibiscus is known for symbolizing beauty and joy, which is why it’s so commonly worn by the locals. It is said that if the flower is worn behind a woman’s left ear, that she is taken or married, and if it is worn on the right then she is available or single.

And now for the infamous plumeria flower. Plumerias are adored worldwide as their trees can sometimes carry hundreds of sweet-smelling blossoms. Like the hibiscus, the plumeria comes in an array of colors and a variety of sizes. Plumerias are commonly used when making lei due to their shape and beautiful fragrance. They symbolize positivity and new beginnings. And they may be gifted as a token for good luck.

Many Native Hawaiian flowers have symbolic meanings, if you’re ever trying to spread the Aloha spirit, try gifting someone a tropical flower that is significant to you. But if you don’t have access to these flowers, you can always check out our online shop featuring an array of pieces that have been inspired by Hawai‘i’s beautiful and symbolic flora! 

27th Apr 2022

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