Fun Lei Facts

shutterstock-1273633543.jpgDid you know the plural of Lei is Lei ?

All Aloha Hawaii Lei products look like real flowers but they indeed are not. All of our fine products are made of polyester materials and are color fast, crush proof and a great accent for all celebrations and occasions.

Our lei, headbands and hair accessories are regularly featured in major movies and on television shows because the colors look great on camera and the flowers never wilt or die."Poepoe" is a style of stringing flower blossoms through the sides of their petal stems instead of straight through the top of the blossom. This makes a very full and robust lei.

Alii Nani means Beautiful and Royal. This is the name of our premium collection of lei that are preferred by world renown hula troops (halau) for use in many of their performances and practices.In Hawai'i, lei are given and worn for many special occasions like weddings, graduations, milestone birthdays, retirements. We also wear them to celebrate everyday occasions like Aloha Fridays or to wish someone welcome or farewell.

The most popular lei for a wedding is pikake lei for the bride and maile lei for the groom.